SQL – quickly calculate age in years

Here is a quick way to calculate someone’s age using T-SQL.
SET @Birthdate='20110225'

- CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(8), @BirthDate, 112) AS INT)

In case you haven’t tried to do it on your own, beleive me, it is not trivial to calculate the age, given the quirks of leap years, months with varying number of days etc. But this gives you the right result every time!

Impressive, eh! Well, before you profusely thank me, I have to mention that I stole this from one of Itzik Ben-Gan’s book. If I could come up with something like this on my own, I would not be wasting time writing in my regurgitated blog now would I?

All kidding aside, Itzik’s books are awesome!! Try one and you will be hooked.


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