Find elapsed time between two datetime values

Say you want to find how much time has passed since 11:34 AM this morning. You can do it like this:

DECLARE @date DATETIME = '20130711 11:34:00.000';

Awesome, isn’t it? Honestly, did you know that you can just add and subtract datetime values just like that!!

Oh wait! What did you say? That you can’t ADD two datetime values? Well, bud! What about this?

DECLARE @date DATETIME = '20130711 11:34:00.000';

SELECT @date + @tmp;
-- gives 2013-07-11 17:42:24.823

If you are saying to yourself “pffffft! what is the big deal!!”, you are missing the point! This blog is supposed to be shallow. It contains ONLY things that you can find in another 11,757 blogs. But it helps me get my name out there and promote myself as a SQL expert. So there!!

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